Below are our courses oriented to Food and Dietary Supplements. To see a complete listing of all training and educational courses we offer, please download our Education Catalog.

ASQ Certification Academies

  1. ASQ Certified Quality Auditor
  2. ASQ Certified HACCP Auditor
  3. ASQ Certified Quality Inspector Academia
  4. ASQ Certified Quality Engineer

Investigations and Effective CAPA Systems

  1. Investigation and Effective CAPA Systems Certification
  2. CAPA Effectiveness
  3. Root Cause Analysis, CAPA, and Compliance Writing
  4. Effective CAPA Systems Management Overview
  5. Effective OOS Investigations and CAPA for QC Analytical Laboratory

Human Error Investigation and Prevention

  1. Human ERROR Certification
  2. Overview of Human Error

Regulations and Standards

  1. 21 CFR 111: cGMP for Dietary Supplements
  2. 21 CFR 117: cGMP for Food
  3. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Certification
  4. Prerequisite program for Food Safety Systems
  5. ISO 9001-2015
  6. ISO 14001:2015
  7. ISO 17025: 2017

Auditing Techniques

  1. Internal Auditing Workshop
  2. FDA Inspection Readiness for FSMA
  3. FDA Inspection Readiness for Dietary Supplements
  4. Auditing FDA Food and Dietary Supplements


Technical and Compliance Writing

  1. How to Write Effective CAPA Investigation Reports
  2. How to Write Effective Regulatory Documents
  3. Effective Compliance Writing

Risk Management

  1. Quality Risk Management Certification
  2. Practical FMEA for the FDA-Regulated Industry


  1. Analyzing and Trending Data
  2. Basic Applied Statistics with Minitab
  3. Sampling Best Practices for the FDA-Regulated Industry
  4. Design of Experiments

Lean and Six Sigma

  1. Poka-Yoke
  2. 5S
  3. Six Sigma Green Belt certification


  1. Computer System Validation for the FDA-Regulated Industry
  2. Validation Overview
  3. Cleaning Validation Lifecycle
  4. Facilities and Critical Utilities Systems Qualification
  5. Laboratory Equipment Qualification
  6. General Concepts of Thermal, Radiation, Chemical and Filtration Sterilization Validation
  7. Test Method Validation


  1. Data Integrity Certification
  2. How to Write Procedures and Work Instructions to Reduce Human Errors
  3. Supplier Certification Program
  4. Effective Handling of FDA Food and Dietary Supplements Recalls
  5. Change Control Systems
  6. Best practices on complaint handling for Food and Dietary Supplements

Training Program

  1. Train the Trainer
  2. How to Measure Training Effectiveness

Organizational Behavior

  1. Decision Making
  2. Critical Thinking

Employee development

  1. Certification for Dietary Supplements Operators
  2. Certification for Dietary Supplements Managers and Supervisors

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